Risette – The last step of the journey

The time has come to take the last step of our Risette journey and put our best foot forward into a new adventure. We have been delighted to offer our fine-dining concept to so many guests and to host some wonderful private events and we have been incredibly fortunate to work with some fantastic chefs. We have truly served our purpose of giving our customers a meal to remember and it has been a pleasure beyond words. Our team has been incredibly privileged to create and serve dishes featuring some of the world’s finest ingredients and to be able to offer a sophisticated and dynamic menu of unique plates.  The journey has inspired us to continue creating memorable experiences for Valletta and these beautiful surroundings, but in a different way.

Our versatile team are always looking for new ways to challenge our culinary expertise and to delight our customers so it is time to move on from Risette in its current form. We have now closed the restaurant in the interim and will be busy refining our new dining concept for Valletta.

We would like to thank each and every guest that has joined us on the fine-dining journey and we look forward to welcoming you again in the new chapter.